Hartford trustees have agreed to a new three-year contract for Brookfield Fire Department to provide fire and emergency medical service in Hartford.

The pact, signed by Hartford trustees Jan. 13, following ratification by Brookfield trustees in December, requires Hartford to pay $54,903 this year, $60,394 next year and $66,433 in 2025 as a base price.

The base price increases 10 percent a year, the same rate of acceleration as in the previous three-year contract, which expired Dec. 31.

Hartford also will pay $20,000 a year to cover maintenance and administrative expenses – they had paid a percentage of such expenses under previous contracts up to $20,000 – and buy two sets of turnout gear a year, a new requirement.

Turnout gear is pants with suspenders, coat, helmet, boots, gloves and protective hood.

Hartford could be asked to pay up to $2,000 a year for training and education.