Ami Peleg, who bought the former Valley View Department Store property on Warren Sharon Road in Brookfield, was in town recently to see his holdings.

Brookfield Trustee Dan Suttles said he met with Peleg at the site and saw some of his development plans.

“The only thing that’s stopping him is he’s having a hard time finding an architect in Trumbull County,” Suttles said March 16. “They want to develop that area, and he wants to do good things.”

In July, Peleg had said he wants to build a big-box development on the largely vacant space.

“He wants to do some good things and he’s working with the previous owner (J.V. Ferrara) because he (Ferrara) knows some people,” Suttles said. “The warehouse is coming down, I can tell you that, almost immediately.”

Peleg is “the real deal” and his development will “benefit all of Brookfield,” Suttles said.

Peleg is the owner of Peleg Group, a real estate investment and management company based in Tampa, Fla. Peleg Group owns shopping centers, industrial buildings and office space in Florida, Georgia and Canada, and Suttles said it also owns property in Warren and Cleveland.