Brookfield School Resource Officer Gerald Hockey said a student who said that he was going to get a gun while he was on a Brookfield school bus will not be charged criminally, but Brookfield school officials levied a hefty punishment on the child.

The police department was informed April 27 of the incident that occurred that day.

In a video supplied to NEWS On the Green, the student is heard saying, “I’m bringing a (expletive) gun to school.”

The statement causes a commotion with some students laughing, teasing the student and saying that the student is going to get into trouble.

The student, whose age is not known, screams at other bus riders, and later says, “I hate my (expletive) life.”

Hockey said he has a relationship with the student and had been to the student’s house earlier in the day.

The student was provoked, Hockey said, and has mental health issues.

After getting the report, Hockey went to the student’s house to make sure that he does not have access to firearms, and determined that he does not, Hockey said.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, a decision was made not to charge the student with inducing panic, Hockey said.

School Supt. Toby Gibson sent this statement in an email May 5: “We are aware of an incident that occurred on the school bus last week where students overheard a fellow student making threatening remarks. School administrators and law enforcement officials quickly investigated the claim and took appropriate disciplinary action.
“As a reminder, please talk to your students about the seriousness of making threats and being mindful of what they say at school and on the bus,” Gibson said. “The Brookfield Local School District will not tolerate threats made against our students, staff, or schools. If you see something, say something so we can address the matter as quickly as possible. Safety concerns can also be reported to the Safe School Hotline at 1-800-418-6423.”