Mary Lou Reder is camping out on Coalburg Lake to raise money for the Save the Coalburg Lake Dam Fund.

The Coalburg Lake dam in Hubbard Township is slated to be breached this summer, but a community group is trying to raise money to repair the dam and open the property in Hubbard and Brookfield townships as a public park.

Reder said she slept out for the first time May 25 and is posting updates featuring the area wildlife on Facebook and TikTok. She has pledged to camp out for 30 days.

To donate to the cause, go to the Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH website at, click on “donate now,” and choose the Save the Coalburg Lake Dam Fund. More than $3,400 has been raised through various means to fund a study on the feasibility of saving the dam.

If you see a “Save Coalburg Lake” sign around town, you can scan the QR code to donate.

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