Brookfield School Board members George Economides and Ronda L. Bonekovic are running for re-election Nov. 7. Kelly Carrier, also an incumbent, is the third candidate for three seats.

Asked to hire four tutors to work with students who need a little help with their studies , Brookfield School Board President George Economides noticed that none of the tutors would be assigned to the high school. Why? he queried.

“We can’t afford it,” said Superintendent Velina Jo Taylor.

That was not the last word as far as Economides and board member Tim Filipovich were concerned.

“We have to do something for those kids,” Filipovich said.

The four tutors hired for the elementary and middle schools are certified teachers. The board asked if college students near the end of their studies could be brought in.

Taylor responded that the Brookfield teachers union would have to approve that as the contract requires that tutors be certified teachers.

Filipovich asked about on-line tutoring, and Taylor said that might be an option.

Filipovich also asked high school Principal Adam Lewis to think of ways to provide tutoring.

The board hired Noelle Bonar and Julie Simon to work at the elementary and Tammy Lindholm and Denise Schindell for the middle school. They will be paid $23.50 an hour and work 5.5 hours a day, four days a week.