If the Brookfield trustees are to move forward in meeting the goals of the Brookfield Township Comprehensive Plan, they need to bring new Trustee Dan Suttles on board.

Suttles has yet to acquire a full copy of the plan, but he said he is encouraged by the list of plan goals and recommendations posted on the township web site.

“A lot of things in this plan are what I, as a candidate, said I wanted to do,” he said.

Suttles campaigned on bettering the lines of communication between the trustees and residents by creating a township social media presence and making the trustees available in neighborhoods so residents can talk with them easily.

The plan recommends providing “a voice for the community through traditional and new media” by rebuilding the township web page to be comprehensive and interactive and creating a “responsive social media program” on Facebook and Twitter.

While some of the recommendations, such as providing for safe walking and biking transit across Route 82 at Route 7, are “pie in the sky,” “I think there’s some stuff we definitely can do,” Suttles said.

“I’m really anxious to have some dialogue,” he said.

Trustee Ron Haun said he wants the board to discuss the document and develop an action plan.