Kaylin Poggi was watching her yellow fishing bobber when it was pulled under.

The 9-year-old Brookfield girl grabbed her rod from the stick-in-the-ground holder and started reeling it in. By the time she got to the hook, only the bait minnow was attached.

Such is the lot of a fisherman. It was about the third time she had gotten a tug and reeled in nothing.

But, Kaylin was determined.

“I want to catch a fish,” she said June 3 at the Brookfield Conservation Club Kids Fishing Derby.

Kaylin’s father, Joseph, recast the line, and Kaylin went back to sentinel duty.

The wait was frustrating for a father who really wanted his daughter to catch her first fish, especially when a man across the pond seemed to be reeling them in one after another.

“What’s that guy using (for bait)?” Joseph Poggi said.

Shortly after, Kaylin’s mom, Tammy, felt a tug. Her fish did not get away. It was an eight-inch bass.

Tammy Poggi shows of the bass she caught Brookfield Conservation Club Kids Fishing Derby.

Tammy Poggi shows of the bass she caught Brookfield Conservation Club Kids Fishing Derby.

“I can see the anger in Kaylin’s eyes,” Joseph Poggi said. “Mommy caught a fish.”

The Poggis brought Kaylin and daughters Gabriella, 7, and Giuliana, 3, to the derby to see if the girls like fishing.

“We used to fish years ago,” Joseph Poggi said. “We just haven’t had a chance. If they really like it, maybe we’ll start doing it this summer.”

The club at 1951 Sharon Hogue Road holds the free derby every year, with funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, to get kids outdoors, said club member and Internet Director Tom Besser. The event is free, lunch is provided and awards are given for biggest fish caught, smallest fish caught, most fish caught, just about anything they can give a prize away for.

“We try to make sure everyone gets a prize,” Besser said.

Although he did not have a count of how many kids came out, the club was happy with the turnout, he said

“We had a ton of kids,” Besser said.

The derby also gives kids an opportunity to try archery, and the club a chance to promote its shooting events — including trap, pheasant, black powder and cowboy action shoots — and hunter education classes.

Poggi was impressed with what he saw.

“I’d like to learn about membership,” he said.

Membership is $40 for the first year plus 20 hours of service, and then $20 a year and 20 hours of service for subsequent years, Besser said. More information is available on Facebook.


Top photo: Joseph Poggi untangles fishing line for his daughter, Kaylin, at the Brookfield Conservation Club Kids Fishing Derby,