The search for Brookfield Local School District’s next superintendent began with the position’s posting on March 25.

The posting can be seen online at the Trumbull and Mahoning county educational services centers’ web sites. Officials of both centers, Michael Hanshaw in Trumbull and Cheryl McArthur in Mahoning, have agreed to help Brookfield school board members with the search.

The board set an April 10 deadline for applications with an expectation to hire a new superintendent on May 22.

“Our goal is find someone who can keep moving the district forward,” said board President Ronda Bonekovic.

The board is seeking someone who is a stickler for the applicable laws and regulations, can come up with ways to improve test scores, knows his or her way around a budget and is committed to professional development and life-long learning, but also inspires community confidence and is good at public relations, according to the job posting.

A salary has not been set. The pay will depend on the person’s qualifications and experience, Bonekovic said.

“We would like to have someone with experience, but they don’t have to have experience,” she said.

Candidates must hold current Ohio superintendent’s certificates or licenses, Bonekovic said, adding that she wants someone who is certified to evaluate the other administrators.

The public will play a role by answering questions in a survey that is expected to be posted on the district’s web site on April 1, Bonekovic said. The survey is designed to gauge the kind of person respondents want in a superintendent. District staff also are asked to take the survey.

“We want people to be involved,” Bonekovic said. “Hearing what people have to say, I think, is important.”

The board plans to review applications with Hanshaw and McArthur and begin interviews April 29.