A story in the May print edition of NEWS On the Green about the upcoming senior breakfast for Brookfield High School, which was based on an article published in Brookfield United Methodist Church’s newsletter, The Lamplighter, gave an incorrect portrait of the financial resources at Brookfield High School, Principal Adam Lewis said.

The story called for donations to the breakfast to provide for a proper meal on May 24, before the seniors are bused to DeYor Performing Arts Center in Youngstown, where they will rehearse for graduation. The story quoted The Lamplighter as saying, “Brookfield schools are not financially able to offer students more than one doughnut per student.”

“That’s not the case,” Lewis said today.

The principal said the breakfast was held in years past at a local venue, but the cost became prohibitive while the district was in fiscal emergency, a state oversight program that focuses on cutting costs and restoring the district to financial health. The district was released from fiscal emergency a year ago.

The breakfast was moved to the church upon the church’s invitation to host it, and the meal offering was limited to doughnuts and juice the last couple years, Lewis said.

However, the high school was able to budget $500 for the breakfast this year.

“We shouldn’t expect them (church) to pay for the senior breakfast,” Lewis said.

Melissa Sydlowski, who is organizing the breakfast for the church, acknowledged the school’s contribution and offered to return money donated from the community, or reimburse the cost that donors paid for food or supplies. She asked those seeking reimbursements to keep receipts.

“The BHS senior breakfast is coming together very nicely,” Sydlowski said. “Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies and time to make this happen.”

“Any money remaining after the breakfast, from church member donations or from the senior class donation, will be given to the church’s general fund,” she said.