Trumbull County Combined Health District’s attempt to study the health effects of the injection wells in eastern Trumbull County died a sad, lonely death due to an apparent lack of interest.
“There is no fracking study,” Trumbull County Health Inspector Kris Wilster said May 31.
The department, which was working with Kent State University, had sent out more than 700 questionnaires to families of students in Brookfield Local schools and people who live around the injection well site in Vienna where a 2015 spill contaminated ground water.
Less than 20 filled-out surveys were returned, and that number does not constitute a sample size of mathematical significance, he said.
Wilster said he did not want to speculate as to why the study flamed out so badly.
“We’re trying to think of a different way to go about it,” he said. “We’re brainstorming.”
Brookfield was chosen because Highland Field Services began operating an injection well in the fall on Route 7, north of Wyngate Manor Mobile Home Park.