Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer Gary Newbrough said county water customers in Brookfield, Masury and Vienna should examine their water starting Sept. 7 before drinking or washing clothes with it. Hydrants will be flushed Sept. 7 to 14.

“This is a standard annual maintenance procedure to minimize the chance that anything harmful has accumulated in any pockets of the water grid,” he said. “It assures all the stale water is removed and replaced with fresh water.”

promoFlushing sometimes dislodges minerals that have stuck to the inside of the pipes, “causing a harmless rusty color,” Newbrough said.

“We’ve had complaints in the past that the rusty coloring has damaged clothes in washing machines, so we like to notify the public to check their tap water (usually from a nearby washtub) before washing clothes. It’s also best to let the water run until it’s clear before washing or drinking.”