Dr. Kyra Dawson, a general surgeon, has opened Lux Aesthetics, which offers aesthetic procedures, in Brookfield

Dr. Kyra Dawson, a general surgeon, has opened Lux Aesthetics, which offers aesthetic procedures, in Brookfield

Dr. Kyra Dawson got to know Stacy Adkins when Adkins “rescued” her hair about eight years ago.

Even after Dawson, a general surgeon, moved from Trumbull County to Cleveland, she kept coming to Adkins’ Glam Studio in Brookfield to have her hair done. Over those visits, Adkins talked about creating a full-service luxury spa, and she has worked toward that goal over the past few years by adding tanning and other services.

However, Adkins also wanted to open a medical spa, and she wanted Dawson to run it. Dawson said “no” many times, but now has changed her mind. Dawson’s Lux Aesthetics opened in May in the Stacy’s Glam building, 7126 Warren Sharon Road.

“We do all sorts of aesthetic procedures,” Dawson said. “I do Botox, I do lip fillers, facial fillers. There’s a new thing out called Kybella, which actually spot reduces fat; it’s made for around the jaw of people who want a sharper jawline. I do Sculptra, which is another filler you can get.”

She also offers Brazilian Butt Lift, “a non-surgical butt lift, where you actually can get injections in the rear and it gives you a little bit different shape, and then we do medical weight loss here,” Dawson said.

The medical weight loss program is “a personalized approach,” Dawson said.

“I like to take a more hands-on approach to people with their weight loss journey, because I’ve had my own multiple times,” she said. “I know how it is. I like to walk people through and guide them. I see you every month. I want to know how you’re doing.”

promoThe medical weight loss program can include medication and guiding patients to increase their physical activity, make beneficial meal choices and explore other lifestyle issues.

Dawson requires new clients to meet her in person for at least the first consultation, and she stresses the need to have reasonable expectations as to what can be accomplished, she said.

“That’s the goal, to have an honest conversation,” Dawson said. “I know it’s frustrating – people want to know up front, ‘How much is this? What are we gonna do?’ I gotta talk to you. Let’s talk and see what do you want your final goal to be and then I can give you my opinion about what I think it’s gonna take to get there, and then we’ll talk about pricing.”

Dawson said she wants her patients to have increased confidence when they leave her office.

“They’re happy, and that’s super important to me, to have people walk out of here and just feel a little more like their best selves,” she said.

Lux Aesthetics is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday and Saturday, but hours could expand as the business grows, and Dawson said she hopes to make Lux Aesthetics her full-time job. Call 234-278-2740 to schedule a consultation.