The Over the Hill Gang is on indefinite hiatus while its 83-year-old president, Jean Kozarich, deals with health issues.

The social group for senior citizens originally met monthly in Brookfield, but moved to First Presbyterian Church in Hubbard in 2021.

Kozarich has been president for 15 years and has been unable to find anyone to take her place, or the places of other officers, who have their own health issues, she said.

“I really need somebody to take it over,” she said. “I’ll help them. I’ll help them all I can. It seems that nobody wants to step up at all.”

Group meetings usually include an entertainer or a speaker, a meal, and bingo.

Kozarich said she does not want to dissolve the group, because the group as a whole would have to decide how to dispose of equipment it owns, such as a bingo machine and public address system.

“I just can’t see continuing right now,” she said.