The grading scale used by Brookfield Local School District has changed.

Starting this school year, the minimum percentage for an A is 90; a B, 80; a C, 70; a D, 60; and anything below 60 is considered failing.

Prior to this year, students had to score at least a 93 to get an A, 85 for a B, 75 for a C, 66 for a D and anything below 66 was failing.

The change was a result of district-wide discussions and shows a desire to “be more consistent, not only with other districts in the county, but also with the increased number of CCP courses that we provide and our students take,” said district Supt. Toby Gibson.

Many high school students take college classes through the College Credit Plus dual-enrollment program, and many colleges use a 90-80-70 grading scale, Gibson said.

The school board approved the use of the new grading scale Aug. 16.