Volunteers load free household products into an SUV a charity giveaway Sept. 16 in Masury.

Volunteers load free household products into an SUV a charity giveaway Sept. 16 in Masury.

An anonymous donor gave away toilet paper, razors, body wash, vitamin drinks, aspirin and numerous other household items to about 475 cars worth of people at a free event on Sept. 16.

The donor, who works for a national, faith-based disaster charity, said he had held giveaways elsewhere, and wanted to hold one in his hometown.

With the help of Scott Thompson and Bala Management, which has a workshop in Masury, items were stored in a new Bala garage on Broadway Avenue, across the street from the workshop, and people affiliated with Bala and family members and friends of Thompson and the donor loaded items assembly line-style, into hatches, back seats and truck beds as vehicles rolled along on Broadway.

A Brookfield policeman helped keep the vehicles in line, and chatted with people as they reached him.

“I think it’s a blessing – We need this,” said Tosha Larousse of Hermitage. “The world is in a crisis right now – still. Everybody is still suffering from pandemic. Even though people are not sick anymore, we’re still suffering from the outcome. This is wonderful.”

Larousse, who works in Brookfield, said the items she collected will serve her family of five.

“It’s definitely a help to us,” she said.

The donor agreed the turnout was amazing, but added, “It usually is.”

The giveaway was announced by NEWS On the Green online, and word spread. The donor said that when he saw the number of Facebook shares of the NEWS On the Green story climbing he had another semi-trailer’s worth of goods delivered.

The donor said he appreciated the efforts of the volunteers to make things run smoothly, and Thompson’s assistance in setting up the giveaway.

“Scott’s put a lot into this,” the donor said. “He’s like me. We don’t need the adoration. We give God the praise.”

The donor and Thompson said they would like to make the giveaway an annual event.