Ohio Department of Transportation will have rumble strips installed on the outer edges of each side of Route 7 between Route 82 and Stewart Sharon Road, agency spokesman Brent Kovacs said Jan. 19.

ODOT decided to evaluate whether rumble strips were warranted after a big rig hauling aluminum coils toppled into John Kasiewicz’s front yard in the 900 block on Nov. 3.

The truck went off the edge of the road and fell on its side.

Kasiewicz said two other trucks have gone off the road in the same spot in the previous year and several other vehicles have ended up in his yard.

While officials have not determined why that area is such a trouble spot, they hope rumble strips will improve safety by making drivers more aware of their positions on the road.

“It will bring more attention to motorists if they start to drift off the road,” Kovacs said.

The work, which will be done by a private contractor, should be completed “sometime this spring or summer,” he said.