Dear Editor,

What is a community’s selling price?

Who would welcome this forced invasion of five toxic waste injection wells into your community, 150 feet from your home?

Gloria Douglas

Gloria Douglas

Brookfield has been sold out by greed and financial gain, betrayed by the previous land owner and Ohio Department of Natural Resources and elected officials, whose duty is to safeguard the health and safety of Ohio citizens. We are stripped of our peaceful environment, justifiably fearing potential, widespread, irreversible damage to our community, health, homes and environment.

Mr. Rob Boulware, spokesman for Highland Field Services, Pennsylvania, is incorrect in comparing construction noise from Highland’s mighty machinery to the timbering of the property, which consisted of about six Amish workmen, four work horses, wooden carts and chainsaws.

Regarding 65 trucks a day, Highland is basically creating a highway in our backyards, amplifying existing stress levels and psyche conditions, and would be devastating to our once serene, priceless environment. Our issue was not trucks moving over for emergency vehicles but traffics tie ups on Route 7 (already muddied and rock-strewn) which is critical to our and surrounding communities. Many areas of the road have no pull over possibilities because of ditches and culverts. Weekly events hosted in the spring and summer bring sizable traffic from various states.

Boulware is correct in saying we don’t want the wells here. As a resident of Brookfield for 42 years (30 years in Wyngate Mobile Home Community) I know there is nothing pretty, safe or healthy resulting from this nightmare invasion. Responsibility falls on those permitting such devastation to our community. They control power to stop the destruction in Ohio.

Who will be the next victims of toxic waste dumping?

Gloria Douglas, Brookfield