Brookfield Local School District is starting to form a committee to promote a proposed tax levy but the school board still has to decide what form that levy request will take.

Superintendent Velina Jo Taylor told the school board May 23 that Monica Fortuna will be chairman of the committee, and Jim Ashton will be treasurer.

“She has a great way of framing her opinion and getting people to listen to her, and she’s very excited about this opportunity,” Taylor said of Fortuna. “I think it’s going to be a great partnership with her, and I think we’ll be able to work very well together. She also is very good at hounding me to make sure that I stay on target and get my work done.”

Taylor said she and Fortuna have started talking about how to frame the levy campaign, but are missing some key pieces of information

“We need some guidance from the board as to the type of levy we are going to seek and the size of the levy that we are going to seek,” Taylor said. “Hopefully, next month we’ll be able to look at that with some detail, so you can make an informed decision.”