Becdel Controls is expected to finish hooking up the new lights at Nicholas Stadium, Brookfield Local School District’s football field on Addison Road, today (Aug. 13), said Jack Schell, Becdel vice president.
“My plan is to fire them up” tonight, he said.
promoOn Aug. 12, Becdel workers, with help from a crane operator from Diamond Steel, erected the four, 70-foot-galvanized steel poles. They were lifted into place and set atop concrete anchor pillars, and their aim was adjusted using a laser at the top of the poles. Schell said they had to affix lights lower on the poles that would illuminate the football when it is in the air, and finish wiring.
“It should be a hell of a lot more light,” he said of the four sets of lights, which replace eight sets on rotting wooden poles that officials said were installed in 1949.
The cost of the new stadium lights and poles is being paid from an $835,000 loan to replace lighting and plumbing fixtures in the district, which school officials said will ultimately save the district money from lower utility bills.