In the photo, Brookfield Road Department worker John Welsh uses a tamper on backfilled dirt where a new culvert was installed on Sharon Hogue Road between Superior Street and the first bend. Behind him, in the backhoe, Matt O’Dell smashes the metal pipe that was removed, so it can be loaded onto a dump truck and hauled away.

Road crew member D.J. Mild said they wanted to start the work after the morning school bus run Wednesday, March 27, and finish it before the afternoon run. Also, this week, the crew has some ditching and stonework to do in the area and will move to a culvert by Superior Street that also needs work, Mild said.

Road Superintendent Jaime Fredenburg told the trustees Monday that he also wants to unclog a culvert on Hazelton Street between David and Ulp Streets and might have to call Trumbull County Engineer’s Office in to help with the work.