September is National Preparedness Month! When planning and prepping for the next potential disaster such as flood, earthquake or tornado, remember the five “P” rule – Proper planning prevents poor performance. Being prepared allows for the best possible chance of survival in an emergency situation.

Making an emergency plan for your family can begin with a simple dinner conversation and a question. Do you have a fire escape plan with at least two exits, and practice this escape plan twice a year? Have you ever practiced escaping from your home or vehicle with pets?

Learn how to mitigate your home against floods or earthquakes, and how to turn off the natural gas or propane in your home. Learn a lifesaving skill like CPR or first aid. Have a preparedness kit with 72 hours’ worth of food, clean water and medications, and use flashlights instead of candles in the event of dangerous gases.

promoWill you and your family be prepared if a natural disaster strikes? Take time this month to ensure you’ve properly planned!


Randy Richman is a captain in the Brookfield Township Volunteer Fire Department, a part-time Brookfield firefighter and paramedic, and a firefighting instructor.