Roy Madison. Contributed photo.

Roy Madison. Contributed photo.

A Brookfield man charged with failing to properly care for his wife, who died, has pleaded guilty.

Roy C. Madison, 76, of 78 Manor Drive, told first responders that he knew his wife needed medical attention, but that she would not let him call anyone, Brookfield police said.

Brookfield Fire-EMS and police were called Oct. 11 to the Madison home. Patrolman Nicholas Leonardo said he immediately smelled “a strong odor of decay and feces” upon entering the home, and returned to his car to get a mask and gloves before reentering the home.

First responders found Shirley J. Madison, 71, on her bedroom floor “covered in her own body fluids, such as her own feces,” Leonardo said.

Roy Madison said his wife had been on the floor for several months, and police said the floor was bowed from her weight and stained from bodily fluids, police said.

Shirley Madison was taken to a hospital, but died Oct. 13 of sepsis due to infected sores, officials said.

Roy Madison told police he had been trying to convince Shirley for some time to let him call for help, but he also said, “I didn’t realize it was this bad,” police said.

Roy Madison was charged with a misdemeanor count of failing to provide for an impaired person. He was sentenced by Trumbull County Eastern District Court Judge Marty Nosich to the 7 days he had already spent in jail, a $200 fine and 6 months of probation.