Wayne Sailar. Contributed photo.

A psychiatrist who examined Wayne Sailar has deemed him incompetent to stand trial, but a judge has yet to reach the same conclusion, said Mercer County District Attorney Peter Acker.

Sailar, 47, of Pulaski, Pa., eluded Brookfield police for two years and faces a plethora of charges filed by Brookfield, Hubbard, Farrell and Sharon police. He was arrested Dec. 2, 2022, in Hermitage, giving Mercer County law enforcement officials first crack at prosecuting him.

Since then, Sailar has filed a number of motions in court asking for the charges to be dismissed, proclaimed himself a sovereign citizen and declined to participate in the psychiatric evaluation.

“He refused to answer questions from the psychiatrist the state set up,” Acker said.

Officials are reviewing the evaluation records, and it’s likely a hearing will be set before a judge, who would have the final say on Sailar’s competency, Acker said.

“It’s not gonna be anytime soon,” Acker said of the hearing.

Meanwhile, Ohio officials wait their turn to prosecute Sailar, who remains in Mercer County Jail.

Brookfield police have charged Sailar in nine cases with felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses mostly related to the theft of vehicles, the driving of stolen vehicles and refusing to stop for police.