Brookfield police pulled over an SUV for a loud exhaust May 21 and the resulting investigation led to the arrests of three people.

Police said a patrolman was conducting traffic enforcement on Route 82 at Collar Price Road when the SUV pulled up next to him. As the SUV pulled away, the patrolman followed it, checked the license plate, and learned that the registered owner, Daniel M. Taafe, 47, of 7906 Third St., Masury, was wanted by Girard Municipal Court for failing to appear on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia filed by Liberty police.

The driver, Taafe, pulled over at 1265 Collar Price Road, identified himself and was arrested on the warrant, police said.

A passenger in the SUV got out and walked away. Taafe identified the passenger as “John” and said he had pulled over at the passenger’s parents’ house. The patrolman asked the homeowner, Edwin E. Stewart, if he knew the driver. Stewart said he knew the driver because he hung out with Stewart’s son, John W. Stewart, 54, of 1265 Collar Price. The patrolman said he later learned that John Stewart had multiple warrants for his arrest, including a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia filed by Liberty police.

However, the patrolman did not pursue John Stewart, whom he believed to be in the woods behind the house, because he was alone and Taafe was already in custody.

After the patrolman returned from Trumbull County Jail, he and another officer went to the home of Edwin Stewart, believing John Stewart would be there. Edwin Stewart said John Stewart had left, but he and his wife allowed police to search for John, police said. John Stewart was found in a basement closet drinking a cold beer, police said. He was arrested without incident.

Edwin Stewart, 79, was charged with obstruction. His case has been transferred to the Trumbull County Probate Court Veteran’s Assistance Program.

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