A lot of dirt has been dug and moved around on a lot on Route 62/Irvine Avenue in Masury, and the Brookfield trustees want to know what’s in store for the property.

So would the potential competition.

IN LLC owns the property and has not applied for a building permit, said Robert Cavaliere, secretary for the Trumbull County Building Department. Cavaliere had previously said a permit was issued, which NEWS On the Green published in the April issue.

Cavaliere clarified on April 22 that a permit had been issued in 2021, but has since expired. No permit is needed for excavation, he said.

“They can dig all they want,” Cavaliere said. “We can’t do anything about it.”

If IN LLC plans to build a structure on the property, it would need to submit plans to the county and obtain a building permit, he said.

A sign on the property says a Sunoco gas station is planned for the property.

Brookfield trustees are concerned about what becomes of the property because of motorist safety, said Trustee Dan Suttles. The property is sandwiched between Route 62 and Dutch Lane, a narrow alley, and the trustees do not want the property to have vehicular access to Dutch Lane.

Suttles said he has talked to Nasar Alwanni, principal in IN LLC.

“He (Alwanni) said, ‘Don’t worry. We’re not going to access that road,’” Suttles said. “He said, ‘We’re in touch with ODOT and we’re working with them. We will do nothing that will be detrimental to the community.’”

The Ohio Department of Transportation has said it won’t allow access to Route 62 unless there is a secondary access, Suttles said.

A four-person contingent of people associated with Salam Elwanni, who owns the Quick Mart/Shell on Route 62 just west of the IN LLC property, appeared at the April 20 trustees meeting to pick the brains of the trustees.

“The only thing we are looking for is for them to be treated like we were treated, to go by the book,” said Qais Jaber, Elwanni’s nephew. “We went by the book, no shortcuts. (We want) the law applied evenly to everyone.”

The trustees noted that Brookfield does not have zoning to regulate development, leaving building issues up to the county.

“The county dictates all that,” said Trustee Mark Ferrara.

Suttles said he understands what the Elwanni supporters are saying and pledged that the township will keep an eye on the property.

“Our concern is safety,” he said.

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