An open equipment door on Brookfield Fire Department’s heavy rescue truck, which was being backed into Station 18 on Route 7 at about 10 a.m. Sept. 11, clipped a wall, ripping out some of the wall blocks, officials said.
The crash is not believed to have undermined the structural integrity of the building, and there was minimal damage to the truck, said Trustee Dan Suttles.
Capt. Matt Gordon was alone when he backed the truck into the garage bay, hitting the wall, Suttles said. Gordon forgot the door was open, said Capt. Dave Coffy, the department’s interim chief.
Gordon had just performed routine operational checks on the truck, Suttles said.
The township’s insurance carrier has been notified, but Lt. Nick Cresanto said Sept. 12 he had not seen an adjuster.
Disaster Recovery Services, which specializes in restoration services, has offered to cover the bay opening for free, as inclement weather is expected before any repairs can be done, Cresanto said.
The bay faces Route 7. Some of the building blocks remain attached to a board on which the overhead door was fastened, and cracks are visible, snaking away from the opening toward the corner.
Gordon will not face disciplinary action, Suttles said.
“It was an accident,” Suttles said. “Accidents happen. You shake your head sometimes, but the man was doing his job.”