Show me a schoolhouse and I’ll show you a business like most other businesses: imperfect, good people doing their best to produce quality products on time and on budget. Not an easy task to accomplish while contending with imperfect good ,children and their imperfect, good parents with perfect expectations.
Perfection is a motivator not a truth.
Truth is we all can motivate to be better: better parents, better children, better spouses, better students, better educators, better administrators, better employees, better community members, better neighbors, and better friends. Point being, just because we have frustrations with our imperfection doesn’t mean that we don’t have the responsibility and ability to be more responsible community members and therefore better Warriors.
Truth is, when the integrity of our school is compromised, the integrity of our community is compromised. Our schoolhouse is the beating heart of our community. Without it we are a spiritless drive-by on OH-82 or US-62. It’s the place where young Warriors’ formative years become memorable years. It’s the place where imperfect, good children grow into imperfect, good adults with perfect expectations for the next generation of young Warriors.
Our truth is we are not perfect and waiting on perfection is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Let’s help our Warriors protect our schoolhouse. Let’s acknowledge their needs. Let’s hold administrators and educators accountable to be better. Let’s hold ourselves accountable to be better. Let’s hold our children accountable to be better. Let’s motivate to be imperfect, better Warriors together.

Monica Fortuna, Brookfield