promoIn this letter to the editor, I am addressing our community, the readers and subscribers to NEWS On the Green.
Our community has been given such a precious gift in NEWS On the Green. We now have a truly community dedicated editor in Joe Pinchot and a community caring person in Judi Swogger, both giving of themselves daily, 24/7, to bring a gift that brings our community an instrument of togetherness while keeping everyone informed on matters, big and small, of importance to our community.
Now we, the members of the community, have an obligation of the heart to support NEWS On the Green, not just by picking up a paper monthly, but also by financially supporting this mighty endeavor.
The Pinchot/Swoggers are not one of the Bloombergs or Zuckerbergs with fortune to back this newspaper. The Pinchot/Swoggers are hard-working, extremely dedicated, with a vision to inform their fellow citizens, friends, neighbors, etc. of ALL the news in our community.
Frankly, having personally seen them at work, and experienced their drive of excellence, I can say with experience, “How do they do it?” They attend every meeting, every event, every gathering to garner the news accurately and concisely. There seems to be nothing they miss!
Now, it is time for us, the community, to step up and support these fine people. And keep in mind, every little bit helps. So subscribe or donate or both. Advertise. Support our paper.
The next time you pick up a copy of NEWS On the Green think to yourself, “Have I shown my support? Have I made this newspaper truly mine?”
Thanks Joe and Judi.

Jean Malandro,