There’s an open field off Lee Road in the Valley View neighborhood, and behind Sparkle Market, that is a
popular spot for people to walk their dogs.

The problem is that the field is leased to the Brookfield Little Warriors football league, and the dog
walkers don’t always pick up after their pets.

promo“If you’re gonna have your dog here, at least, clean up after it,” asked Coach Jeremy Hunkus. “We got
kids. We don’t want any of these kids falling in that, having to go home covered in that. Technically, it’s a
health hazard.”

Hunkus said he walks the area before practice and often ends up “taking bags of dog crap home with me,” but does not claim to get it all.

The Brookfield Little Warriors have used the field for about 20 years. This year, they have two football
teams, for ages 7 to 9 and 10 to 12, a flag football team for kids under 7, and cheerleaders.

“I didn’t want to be too aggressive about this,” Hunkus said. “I just want people to understand – please,