On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the voters in Brookfield Township will select a new township trustee. I am asking our voters to consider and select Tim Gladis for the position. He is a skilled and practiced manager, with proven experience at the Brookfield Township and Trumbull County levels, as well as a variety of Ohio state projects. His validated experience and expertise of all things practical, logistical, operational and financial for our township are directly related to his dedication to community service. 

Tim and his family are and have been embedded in Brookfield for almost three decades. They are “Brookfield.” He is an ardent supporter of all that will impact and enhance the quality of life in our township. He is a positive influence and supporter of our school district and its variety of programs. 

Tim takes fiscal planning in earnest and advocates for all township residents to have a say at the table. He is a recognized collective bargaining arbitrator as well as a nationally acknowledged and published law enforcement professional. Tim Gladis is the complete Brookfield Township trustee that we need.

You are asked to vote and elect Tim Gladis as a Brookfield Township Trustee.

Thank you,

Gary Yonchak, Masury