A Hermitage man and his grandson have been charged with crimes related to the theft of fire extinguishers in Brookfield and Hermitage and Sugar Grove Township in Pennsylvania.

Douglas Valimont, 72, drove his 12-year-old grandson to the locations to steal the fire extinguishers, police said.

The boy stole a fire extinguisher Nov. 21 from Masury Laundromat, 8236 Ulp St., Masury, and five from Brookfield Local School District buses Jan. 9 at the bus garage, 7015 Grove St., Brookfield, police said.

The boy also stole seven extinguishers from Student Transportation of America buses and a gas pump station in Hermitage, and 13 from Anderson Bus and Tour in Sugar Grove, Hermitage police said.

Brookfield police said a Brookfield school employee learned of the Pennsylvania thefts and relayed information to police. Anderson was able to provide security footage showing a silver pickup similar to the one that was involved in the Brookfield thefts, and a license plate that led police to Valimont.

Information was relayed to Hermitage police, who sent officers to Valimont’s home on Dutch Lane. Officers found “dozens of fire extinguishers laying around the property,” Hermitage police said.

“Valimont, without hesitation, said that his grandson probably took a few,” Hermitage police said.

Valimont admitted to allowing his grandson to steal fire extinguishers from buses in Hermitage, police said.

“Douglas understood that it was wrong,” Hermitage police said.

Brookfield police, referring to Hermitage’s report, said Valimont also admitted the theft of fire extinguishers from “numerous places.”

Valimont “told the officer that it became easier to just let his grandson take them, as the grandson would throw a fit if he was not allowed and destroy his truck,” Brookfield police said.

Brookfield police have charged Valimont with two felony counts and three misdemeanor counts of complicity, and the grandson with theft and criminal damaging.

Hermitage police have charged Valimont with theft and corruption of a minor, and Hempfield Township police, who serve Sugar Grove Township, have charged him with theft, conspiracy to commit theft and corruption of a minor.

Valimont has yet to appear in court on any of the charges.

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