Although Brookfield voters ousted Trustee Dion Magestro, he is not going out on a sour note.

“I will tell you that I believe that, as it stands right now, the township is in good hands,” Magestro said at a Dec. 20 meeting.

The good hands are those of Trustees Ron Haun and Gary Lees, who was re-elected, and Fiscal Administrator Dena McMullin.

“I commend you both for having amicable discussions where you’re not throwing chairs and calling each other names,” Magestro told Haun and Lees.

“I hope that you guys continue that the township heads in the right direction by being able to look in the mirror every night and saying, ‘I did the right thing. I didn’t necessarily do the popular thing – I did the right thing,’” Magestro said.

He called McMullin’s financial advice an “integral part in the machine.”

“Take that little part out and I think the machine could fall apart,” he said.

Magestro offered his services in “an official or an unofficial capacity.”

“I will be here to help,” he said. “I hope I can lend some insight as to doing things in a reasonable manner.”

Lees said he has enjoyed working with Magestro for four years.

“His business abilities have certainly been a big plus,” Lees said at a Dec. 4 meeting. “He’s certainly been a good right hand for the last four years. I certainly will miss him and I certainly know the township will miss him, also.”

“It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve with you,” Haun said. “What you’ve brought to the table was very valuable to this township. I’ve been in office 10 years and you were a breath of fresh air because you brought a mindset of trying to get every department in this township to operate the way it should. I’m very grateful for what you did. You became my friend the last four years.”