Trumbull County Engineer’s Office has several projects cooking for the next year in Brookfield and Masury.
County and Brookfield officials have talked about the crumbling surface of Broadway Avenue, a county-owned road, by PI&I Motor Express, and the county has committed to paving Broadway between Route 82 and Bedford Road, county officials said in a March 25 teleconference with township trustees and township Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg. There also will be storm water drainage improvements made, and the work will be done this year, said Deputy Engineer Gary Shaffer.
promoNEWS On the Green was allowed to listen in on the teleconference. The annual meeting typically is held in person, but officials chose the alternate method due to governmental guidelines addressing the coronavirus pandemic.
County officials also pledged additional help to the township on the township’s project to pave Rose, Service, Budd and and Park avenues and Charles Street. Shaffer said he will be ready to accept bids for the project in April, but Fredenburg said he might not be ready in time for the paving to be done this year.
The project is partially funded by state Issue 1 money, and the county is involved because part of Budd is a county-owned road. Such grants require a local match and the township is providing much of its local match by performing in-kind service, the cost of which will count against the local match.
The township has pledged to widen the upper sections of Rose, Service and Budd, and Charles Street, and install pipe to enclose ditches. Because of the way the grant money will be released, the township cannot do any work that will count against the local match until after July 1, Fredenburg said.
“I don’t know that we’ll be able to get all the prep work done prior to the end of the season,” Fredenburg said. “July, we’re busy trying to get other things done, too, so we’ll have seal coating and other projects going on.”
County Engineer Randy Smith offered use of county equipment and laborers to help with the widening, which could accelerate the time line to meet Shaffer’s goal of getting the project done this year.
“We’d like to accomplish as many of these as we can to keep people working, and I have a feeling maybe, with some of the challenges, our own internal paving might be limited,” Smith said.
In other matters:
Trustee Ron Haun asked about the installation of warning signs and stop signs with flashing lights at the intersection of Addison Road, Brookfield Avenue and Dutch Lane. The signs were recommended in a safety study conducted by a consultant hired by the county using grant funds. Shaffer said the signs had been ordered, but he was waiting for approval from the Ohio Department of Transportation to complete the transaction. The signs will be put up this year, he said.
Paving will be done to complete the culvert replacement project on Mulberry Street. The culvert qualifies as a bridge, and this bridge’s condition was the worst of the 19 located in Brookfield, county officials said.
A study of the flooding problems in the areas of Wildwood and Crestwood drives is nearly done, and a likely estimate to correct the problem is $200,000 to $225,000, Shaffer said. Township officials are interested in submitting this project for Issue 1 funding.
Haun said storm drains in Masury below Route 62 are plugged with sediment and he asked if they could be flushed. While the responsibility on township roads is the township’s, county Highway Supt. Tom Klejka said the county would be willing to help out. Storm drains on the other side of Route 62 will be flushed as part of the Budd-Service paving project, and the county was planning to flush its drains in the area of Bedford Road that is currently being widened. “We’ll be down there doing all of ours, so we might as well do yours while we’re right there,” Klejka said.


Ohio Department of Transportation doesn’t have any projects scheduled for Brookfield, Masury and Yankee Lake this year, other than completing the already-underway widening and paving of Bedford Road, but will be doing the prep work on a major project for next year: resurfacing Route 82.
Officials said they expect to accept bids in December for the project to pave the highway from Route 193 in Vienna to the Route 62 interchange in Masury.
The project also includes paving Route 616 in Mahoning County and the total construction estimate is $6.6 million.
All work is expected to be done in 2021.